Preserving the historical integrity of our heritage breed

saving authentic walers since the 1990's

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WHOBAA Incorporated in 2004 when the majority of 1986 founding members of WHSA Inc. reluctantly decided that doing so was necessary in order to preserve the original methods, principles, definitions and standards as originally researched and formulated.

We preserve the Waler horse as a Rare Breed, Registering only those horses with inherited genetic links to, and qualities of, the pioneering originals.

We do not Register imitations of those horses based on phenotype or heresay alone, nor bred up or modified Walers.

We do not attempt to re-create a Waler look alike, stereotype, or accept the influence of any Breeds that played no part in the evolution of the original Waler.

Nor do we accept the influence of modern derivatives of those Breeds that originally contributed to the Waler Breed. The conditions, principles, and objectives involved in breeding those horses over more recent times degrade and modify those original strengths and attributes that we committed to preserve.

Bronwyn saying hello to the beautiful waler stallion Dreamer